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Recycling Pick Up


A new generation of fit out and refurbishment contractor

 We place sustainability and environmental well-being at the centre of everything we do. Although there is no doubt the sector has come a long way over the past decade we believe much more can be done to achieve a sustainable future.​

Our environmental policy sets out our management systems and controls to ensure that environmental impacts are minimised or eliminated entirely. Our primary objective is to reduce the amount of waste that we and our supply chain generate in the first instance. Then in partnership with our subcontractors we aim for ZERO landfill and to recycle as many unused materials as possible.


We are very selective of the suppliers we work with and will always seek out companies who share our enthusiasm and passion for the environment. Selection of materials is also key to our green strategy and we favour those which can be reused or recycled so as to reduce a project’s overall environmental impact.


Being a smaller business is a great advantage when it comes to managing our carbon footprint. Our agility means we can respond quickly to emerging technologies and implement them across our project teams. We believe innovation is the key to unlocking future environmental benefits for our industry and we will invest early in areas which show the most potential.

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